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The pictures displayed below are for approval purposes only.

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  • They are simply to show the work done and the finished product or products.

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Alan’s Granddad Before and After

Original Image

The original image was presented at 1200 dpi in a very faded condition with numerous creases, tears, scratches and other blemishes.

Restored image

The restored image has been produced to be of the same physical size as presented, but at a reduced dpi of 600 instead of the 1200 dpi provided.

The scratches, creases, tears and other blemishes have been removed. The fading has been improved to provide a much brighter, more dynamic appearance.

Original After

Alan's Granddad

Alan’s Dad Before and After

Original image

The original image was provided at 1200 dpi with some rough areas that were mainly confined to the edges and corners. The rest of the image was covered in white dots, numerous other blemishes and small scratches. The overall image was a little dark.

Restored image

The restored image was first enlarged to double its size and saved at a dpi of 600, rather than the 1200 dpi it was provided at.

The rough areas on the edges and corners were restored and all the white dots, scratches and other blemishes were eliminated. The image was also lightened slightly.

Original After

Alan's Dad

Approval, payment and receipt of the restored images

The pictures displayed above are for approval purposes only.

The restored images will be sent via email once payment has been received.

Should you wish to print the images, they can be printed at original size at 600 dpi, but if printed at 300 dpi, the images can be enlarged to up to double their original size with no loss of quality. We advise that the images are printed on quality photo paper for best results, especially if printing 600 dpi.

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