Welcome to Digital Photo Doctor. We are specialists in digital photo restoration and rejuvenation, photographic manipulations and high quality scanning.

Here, we provide three basic services for your photographs and images:

  • Digital photo restoration
  • Photographic manipulation
  • High resolution photo scans.

Digital Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration. Kids with their mum original Digital photo restoration, scanning Digital photo restoration. Kids with their mum without foldDigital Photo Doctor’s focus is on digitally repairing and restoring photographs.

This service covers the repair of creases, folds, tears, fading, colour correction and much more.

Digital photo restoration means that we work from scans to bring your photo back to life. We do not repair the actual photograph.

We use this method of restoration because it produces a non-destructive method of capturing the original, yet causing no further damage to it.

In addition, digital images don’t break down like photographs do and can easily be shared with other family members, friends or on-line.

Photo manipulation for specials

Digital photo restoration. Sunbather on crowded beach Digital photo restoration. Sunbather on deserted beachThis is about creating images for fun. Maybe it’s about creating an image, like a family group photo, which couldn’t happen in real life, as all of the family members couldn’t be together at the same time.

With the right photos, we can make that happen.

Our photo manipulation services include:

  • Replacing the backgrounds for something more interesting or appropriate.
  • adding people to an existing photograph.
  • Removing people or elements from a photograph.
  • We can even colour black and white or sepia photographs, to give the impression of colour photographs.

As you can see from the example, we took the original photo gave the subject a different beach to sit on.

We have numerous examples of this and would be happy to discuss creating something one-off and special just for you.


High quality Photo Scans

Digital photo restoration. Pile of black and white photosMany of us have inherited photos passed down over multiple generations.

You may well have albums, bags or boxes full of them. You may even want to pass copies of them to other family members.

Sadly, you don’t have the negatives to make copies.

The negatives have become too scratched or brittle to be used. Maybe they simply disappeared, or most likely, were never there to begin with.

The only way of ensuring that others get to see them now is to make digital copies of them. With “soft” copies, you can share them with friends or other members of your families, even to social media.

Even better is the fact that digital copies will not degrade. Okay, so they won’t win prizes, but they’re part of your family’s history and for that reason alone, deserve to be seen.

We provide a service that caters exactly for that, producing high quality scans of your photos.

Whether in colour, black and white or sepia, we can scan them without a problem.